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A man with noble character, is determined to do his duty of life. Darma is a gift from heart for the sake of mankind, without any interest for himself. This world with a lot of darkness and obstacles, needs the darma of noble holy person to solve all difficulties and dangerous problems.

You should know, that from kebatinan point of view, God the Almighty never punish anybody. The punished man receives the result of what he has done. A man with noble character is aware of his duty in society, he dares to defend truth, justice and holiness.

As long as a human-being lives, he/she should also makarti (to do something, physically or unphysically) for the benefit of mankind. The Creator would not change the situation in this earth, the creatures have to do it. It should be good for the life and safety of mankind, if in this world, there are more people with good cipta rather people with bad cipta. Hereunder are three kinds of darma (Tri Darma) as good examples.

Darmane’ Pandito Utomo
The darma of a noble saint. In wayang, Arjuna becomes Begawan Mintaraga, Cipta Ening. Mintaraga means to devote his entire life to the creator, cipta ening: clear and holy cipta. He request God Guru, his brothers Pendawa should win in Baratayuda, because they are in the right side. Cipta ening was determined in his request. Any kind of tempation including the beautiful goddesses were not able to stop Arjuna’s meditation, before his request was granted. It was a darma of a noble priest/pandito.

Darmane Ratu Binatara
The darma of a great king. King Kresna of Dwarawati Kingdom was the incarnation of Wisnu. He was assigned to preserve the world. He had two powerful heirlooms.

  1. The flower of Wijaya Kusuma
    It means the essence of noble behavior, he was wise, knew what was going to happened.
  2. Cakra
    A powerful weapon to destroy evil, evil of the world and evil in the heart of human-beings, to preserve the world.
    Kresna, was a great king who always do everything in line with proper cipta, rasa and karsa, in that case he was able to fulfill his darma perfectly. Even he was a great king, he was not cruel, he protected his people, he never forgot to do only good and just things. As a ruler he held the principles of “sepi ing pamrih rame ing gawe” – free of self interest, always ready to work hard for the society and the welfare of the world.
    He always kept his promise; sabda pandita ratu.

Darmane’ Satria Wiratama
The darma of a knight/warrior
A satria must have a darma to defend truth, justice and holiness. If necessary, he should sacrifice his life. In wayang, Patih Suwanda or Sumantri had faithfully serve his king, Arjuna Sasrabahu from Maespati kingdom. It is good for a seeker of true knowledge, if he follows the above Tri-Darma.

(Suryo S. Negoro)


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