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Bond No 9 Parfums

Finally, Making Scents of New York.

Perfumery has always been about head-turning. Now, perfumes have been turned on their head.

For the first time in fragrance history, a major, full-blown fragrance collection was launched as an homage to a great city.

The name of this fragrance collection is Bond No. 9 (which is also the address of its headquarters boutique at 9 Bond Street, in NoHo). The city it celebrates is none other than — could be no other than — New York.

The Bond No. 9 collection of women’s, men’s, and unisex eaux de parfum, has a dual mission: restore artistry to perfumery, and mark every New York neighborhood with a scent of its own.

Each fragrance represents a specific downtown, midtown, or uptown locale, or a city-wide sensibility. With new introductions every season, Bond No. 9 infuses the island of Manhattan with scents.

Bond No. 9 was created and founded by Laurice Rahme in 2003.

Rahmé was born and educated in Paris, France. At a young age, she took an interest in arts and culture, having access to the best museums in France.

She is a graduate of Université de Vincennes. After university she studied art history at the École du Louvre in Paris.

She began her professional life as an antiques dealer in Paris. Rahmé quickly excelled. Her success allowed her to open her own shop in Les Halles, on the corner of the Rue Saint-Denis and Rue de la Cossonnerie.[2]

However, she wanted to travel the world, and she knew a foray into the beauty industry would be a passport to do this. In her own words, “At that time one job you could get as a young girl in Paris who wanted to travel was in the beauty industry.”[3]

It was at this time that she made the decision to pursue a career in beauty.


In 1973, Rahmé joined Lancôme as International Training Director, tripling the company’s skincare business in the Middle East. In 1976, she assumed the role of Director of the Lancome Institut de Beauté, and relocated to L’Oréal USA’s (then Cosmair, Inc.) headquarters in New York, NY, USA.[4]

Laurice’s true passion for fragrance began she met with fragrance designer Annick Goutal. Goutal became a mentor, and hired Rahmé to become Partner and President of operations in New York.

From 1989 to 1995, Rahmé was responsible for introducing the small French company to the US, and for creating a unique niche marketing approach focusing on the brand’s jewel-like boutique allure. Recognition and rapid growth followed, and the strategy transformed a small-scale business into an international success story.[5]

Following her success with Annick Goutal, Ms. Rahmé became US distributor of Creed fragrances in 1995.[6]


In 2003, Laurice Rahmé launched her own fragrance company, Bond No. 9. Its mission is to restore artistry to perfumery, and give a scent to each neighborhood in Manhattan.[7]

In 2011, Ms. Rahmé launched the I LOVE NY by Bond No. 9 collection. It is a smaller collection of fragrances produced in partnership with the State of New York. The perfume bottles bear the iconic “I Love NY” logo designed by Milton Glaser.


The Scent of Peace ($220.00 – $300.00)

Greatest neighborhood of them all – Peace. It’s the one that hovers over all of our city, the see-and-be-seen A-list place. The sparkling-fresh scent of our civic dreams. A melange of sparkling florals and citruses, balanced by a woody-musky detente.

Notes: Grapefruit, black currant, lily of the valley, hedione, cedarwood, musk

New York Signature ScentBond No. 9 New York Signature Scent ($295.00 – $370.00)

The Arabian Nights come to Noho. To mark the 10-year anniversary of Bond No. 9’s headquarters boutique, we had no choice but to unveil our signature scent, Bond No. 9 Perfume Oud, not for a New York neighborhood, but for our NoHo address. As a 30 percent concentration, thereby moving it into a category that’s rare today: pure perfume.

Notes: Oud Extract, Rose, Tonka Beans and Musk

The Scent of Peace for HimThe Scent of Peace for Him ($215.00 – $280.00)

At Bond No. 9, we’re peacekeepers as well as perfumers. So now at last we’re introducing The Scent of Peace for Him-the male counterpart of our No. 1 bestseller. That’s what we call conflict-resolution.

Notes: Bergamot, pineapple, juniper berry, blackcurrant, cedarwood, vetiver, patchouli, moss, musk.

Central Park WestCentral Park West ($215.00 – $315.00)

A legendary, grand-scale address with a grand-scale front yard deserves an eau de parfum to match. A springtime wakeup call: Narcissus mingled with tangy ylang ylang and a pinch of piquant pepper. A beckoning white-petal melange – orris, jasmine, and linden-and majestic gardenia.

Notes: Narcissus, ylang ylang, black pepper, gardenia, jasmine, linden, orris, musk, white oak

Central Park SouthCentral Park South ($215.00 – $315.00)

The world’s most super-elegant city street, with the world’s most sumptuous greenery at its doorstep, is the inspiration for Bond No. 9’s eau de parfum.

Notes: A fresh floral – top notes of grapefruit flower and blackcurrant buds, a seductive heart-note of jasmine and lily of the valley, and a base of classic wood notes.

Chez BondChez Bond ($215.00 – $295.00)

The essence of downtown maleness: Cool, strong, brash, unabashed. Like a bracing mug of tea with a smooth, seductive aftertaste.

Notes: Sparkling citrus tones, leafy greens, herbal tea accord, violet leaves, vetiver, cedarwood, sandalwood.

Park Avenue SouthPark Avenue South ($215.00 – $315.00)

An eau de parfum celebrating the city’s newest, most scintillating and most happening street.The fragrance captures the neighborhood’s fresh, flirtatious, insouciant spirit.

Notes: Green apple flowers, peach, jasmine, musk and dry amber .

Bleecker StreetBleecker Street ($220.00 – $300.00)

Art, fashion, seduction, and dessert in liquid form. A warm and sensual aphrodisiac that glides from day into evening.

Notes: Violet leaf, cassis, jasmine, cinnamon, oakmoss, patchouli, vanilla, caramel

New York OudNew York Oud ($270.00 – $370.00)

At Bond No. 9, the Oud has come out of the closet and transformed itself into a smooth, full-throttle New York-centric perfume. What a paradox! Who knew? But then New York is a place where impossible, magical paradoxes come true.

Notes: Red plum, saffron, orange zest, oud, red rose, orris, patchouli, musk, honey, vetiver

Wall StreetWall Street ($220.00 – $300.00)

The world’s first securities parfum: Dollars and scents never smelled so good. A cool, zesty, spicy androgynous career scent, laden with a portfolio of brisk citrus, marine, and herbal notes.

Notes: Sea kale, cucumber, lavender, ambergris, vetiver

QueensQueens ($210.00 – $290.00)

The borough of Queens? It’s the most ethnically diverse place on earth.

Notes: Bergamot, cardamom, blackberry, tuberose, champaca flower, osmanthus, sandalwood, benzoin resin, musk and amber

B9B9 ($260.00 – $320.00)

The hottest address in New York, Bond Street, inspired both the scent and the name of our elegant and eclectic new eau de parfum.

Notes: Citrus, saffron, gardenia leaves, jasmin, orchid, agarwood, amber, sandalwood, oakmoss, musk, vetiver

Madison Square ParkMadison Square Park ($215.00 – $315.00)

Madison Square Park was the height of fashion in the Gilded Age. Today it’s back-in hip-&-cool revival mode. So now is the time for a neighborhood eau de parfum.

Notes: Grape hyacinth, huckleberry, prairie dropseed grass, red leaf rose, red hunter tulips, teakwood

Nuits De NohoNuits De Noho ($215.00 – $300.00)

A new kind of nighttime femininity: Irreverent, unapologetic, favors a shot of icy vodka. A contemporary fruity-floral gourmand skin-scent that’s the ultimate in sexy avant-garde urbanity.

Notes: Jasmin, creamy vanilla, sheer patchouli

China TownChina Town ($220.00 – $310.00)

Superpower meets Supercity: The emerging superpower energy with the avant-garde cachet of downtown New York. A sultry, mouth-watering equal-opportunity East-West bouquet.

Notes: Peach blossoms, gardenia, tuberose, patchouli, cardamom

Dubai RubyBond No. 9 Dubai Ruby ($550.00)

When the Empire State mingles with the premier Gulf State, the alluring result is Bond No. 9’s Dubai- a new collection of modernistic New York-inspired Arabian perfumes.

Notes: Bergamot, saffron davana, rose, magnolia, geranium, amber, sandalwood, myrrh, cypriol, civet

Receive a complimentary coveted Dubai Pocket Spray Trio free with purchase of any Bond No. 9 Dubai fragrance.

Perfumista AvenuePerfumista Avenue ($285.00 – $375.00)

Our first New York fantasy neighborhood and a perfumer’s dream come true-to celebrate our 10th year anniversary. An orientalist, leather-tingled blend that modernizes the breathtakingly fresh, ultra-feminine rose

Notes: Davana, nutmeg, safran, red plum, rose oil, rose water, peonies, jasmine, patchouli, sensual musk, modern amber, mate


The Scent of Peace SwarovskiThe Scent of Peace Swarovski ($480.00)

Our most stellar perfume (grapefruit, black currant and lily of the valley), in a limited edition flacon whose dove-in-flight design is traced in amethyst, white and opalescent Swarovski crystals. A uniquely shimmering statement of the longing for peace.

Notes: Grapefruit, black currant, lily of the valley, hedione, cedarwood, musk

Central Park West Swarovski Limited EditionCentral Park West Swarovski Limited Edition ($415.00)

For gardenia devotees with a sense of fashion elegance, this is the ultimate gift of gifts: A 100 ml. limited-edition bottle of Central Park West whose houndstooth surface has been rendered with 2,500 sparkling Swarovski gems, its edges bordered in vivid lime green, its cap encircled with tiny stones.

Notes: Narcissus, ylang ylang, black pepper, gardenia, jasmine, linden, orris, musk, white oak

Perfumista Avenue Solo BejeweledPerfumista Avenue Solo Bejeweled ($1000.00)

Stunning simplicity is served with this 100ml limited-edition superstar bottle of Perfumista Avenue, whose entire front and back are emblazoned with those closely clustered Swarovski ruby fanci-stones—their glittering surface creating a creviced effect as mesmerizing as that of the eau de parfum.

New York Musk Swarovski Limited EditionNew York Musk Swarovski Limited Edition ($1000.00)

For all those collectors and connoisseurs who fell in love with last year’s exquisite, richly textured clear-diamond superstar bottle studded with crystals, the good news is: we’ve done it again-only this time with a network of emerald stars. The scent? Our brand new New York Musk. Consider this bottle just the second in our growing Shooting Stars series.

Notes: Grapefruit, black currant, osmanthus flower, green lilies, nutmeg, musk, patchouli, sandalwood and vetiver.

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