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Exposing the Universe

Exposing the Universe

It is a Translation of Gumelaring Jagad

1. For those who are seeking the knowledge of life, you should know Sangkan Paraning Dumadi (The origin & destination of creatures) in broader sense means: your origin is holiness, here in this earth you have to live in holiness, & you should be able to return to holiness again. Thus, you become a perfect human-being.

 2. There are millions of human beings, women & men with different colors of skin & cultural background, created to live together in the world. They live in accordance with their destiny, they are moving actively due to their own will, using their consent & five senses, they build their well-being to preserve the world. Everyone build their nation to achieve Tata Tentrem Kerta Raharja (order, peace, safety, prosperity) in the world for harmonious satisfaction of mankind.

 3. Everyone should know that all kind of animals, small and big ones, such as tiny bugs, birds, snakes, elephants, millions of them, are created in accordance with their destiny, moving by using their instinct to search for food.

 4. All kind of plants & trees, the grass, the Banyan trees, the bushes, there are useful for mankind, various kinds of beautiful, fragrant & colorful flowers, the attractive green leaves are created to grow in the world, in accordance with their destiny.

 5. All kinds of fishes live in the lake, the river & the ocean. Some of them live from mosses, the bigger fishes eat the smaller ones. That’s their destiny.

 6. The moon, the stars & other planets in the sky are shining splendidly at night.

 7. The wind blows freshly in the morning, all creature inhale its usefulness.

 8. The fire & the heat of Sun are useful for all creatures.

 9. Those, who seeks the knowledge of life, should be aware, that all creatures were the result of the mixture of the essence of Trimurti: Fire (geni), Water (banyu) & Wind (angin). Due to divine mystical power they penetrate into Pratiwi (Land, Earth), give the existence of all kinds of creatures, small & big, animals, plants and various creatures in this world.

10. The sediments of Trimurti’s essence, give the appearance of Hasta Retna (eight colors) of precious substances, namely: gem, gold, silver, tin, copper, iron/steel, salt & sulphur.

11. There are 5 kinds of mystical light (cahya gaib), very bright, clear but not glaring, namely:

  • Pulung: the unity between the sediments of gem, gold & tin, the color is bright blue and clear green. It is seeking a blessed, honest and wise person who is eager to help and has great care for others.
  • Wahyu: the unity between the sediments of gem, silver and tin, the color is white and bright yellowish. It is seeking a blessed, honest and wise person who has a very strong character of Rila (never be disappointed and envy to others) and Legawa (always do a good thing and faithful) and always keep his/her promise.
  • Daru: the unity between the sediments of gold, silver and iron, the color is bright turmeric yellow as big as a coconut. It is seeking a blessed, honest and wise person who is very patient and has great care for others, who could easily forgive other’s mistake.
  • Teluh: the unity between the sediments of tin, copper and iron, the color is reddish violet. It is seeking a person with bad moral, like to disturb others, does not see what’s right and wrong.
  • Guntur: the unity between the sediments of iron, salt and sulphur, the color is bright violet. It is seeking a person who always follow his/her lust, greedy and does not like to forgive other’s mistakes.

You have to know the above mentioned subject is Kawruh Kasunyatan, the knowledge of true reality. It is really exposed accrossed the universe, a human-being should be aware of the power of the Creator of all creatures.

12. The sun, the king Surya, in accordance with the power of nature or God’s will, has an obligation to give life to all creatures.

13. The moon, the queen Chandra and all stars in the sky, in the night shine their soothing light, useful to all creatures.

14. During the night, almost all living creatures are asleep. They do not remember anything. In the morning, during sunrise, they wake-up. That is the power of nature. Around mid-night during the full-moon, the light of the moon and stars give a natural power to human-beings, who remain outside under the night sky.

15. You should know that you are the most perfect creatures in the world, due to a perfect unity of the three substances and more perfect noble character. You are obliged to understand your humanism, to know your inner-being/true-self (kejatenira) you should know Sangkan Paraning Dumadi.

16. A human-being is different from animal. Animal has instinct only, not budi, (clear thinking). A man without budi, only follows his passion/nafsu, might be said that he loses his existence as human-being. He had a low character.

17. The four factors of earth, fire, wind and water are influencing your physical body, the micro-cosmos as well as the macro-cosmos.

18. The movement of the earth due to the active movement of the hot substances inside the earth, closed by the earth elements for millions of years, gave birth to several volcanoes. The earthquakes can damage the life of human-beings and others.

19. The fire is pleasant and useful, but it can do harm also to human-beings, animals and plants. That kind of fire, has acted against its function or due to human mistake in using it.

20. The scary flood, big rain in the wrong season, probably they were due to human mistake in cutting to many trees in the forest. It can make also horrible hurricanes.

21. The earth (Bumi), it is clear, the land, the soil. In the human-being, it can be seen in the physical body (badan jasmani), the skin and the meat, they can be damaged.

22. You have to take a good care of your body. Take a bath regularly, consume a good quality of food, so it is strong and healthy. It shall make your thought also healthy.

23. The physical body follows the will of the mind. Do not do anything above the body’s ability.

24. The fire (geni) is a hot flame. It is useful among other to cook foodstuffs etc. If the fire is doing something unproportionally, it can be countered by the power of water and wind.

25. The physical substance of fire in the body is Pramana, the flame of the supreme substance, that is the light which make your light (cahyanira). There are the muscles and the bones.

26. The door of the fire is the ears. If the ears listen to something, a desire of something should appear.

27. The water (banyu) is a cool liquid, found in the lakes, rivers and seas.

28. The water, mystically is also called Tirtamarta Kamandanu, it is water giving life to our physical body. Water can give strenght to human bodies.

29. Your life is made from water by the names of wadi, madi, mani and maningkem.

Wadi : The place is in our retreat, our blood is red (secret).

Madi : The color is green.

Mani : It is our power. The place is in the sexual organ (sperm).

Maningkem : it is our light/cahya, the color is yellow.

30. The blood and the marrow, are the substances of water in our body.

31. The door of water is the eyes. A person likes to see something attractive, beautiful, which shall arise lust.

32. Without wind (angin), a human-being can not live.

33. The life of human-beings are also from the wind. So that a human beings has napas (breath), anpas, tannapas and nupus.

Napas : the life connection, the soul connection.

Anpas : the place of the soul.

Tannapas : the ears of the soul.

Nupus : the eyes of the soul.

34. The simple proof of wind in human-beings is a human-being is breathing.

35. The door of the wind is the nose.

The character of the nose for a wise man is patient, eager to meditate or to concentrate his mind for the benefit of mankind.

36. You should know that everything found in this small world and big world are from the power of nature, from a supreme substance, which is eternal and permanent. You are obliged to honor whole-heartedly. You have to be always conscious and have a peace of mind, deeply devote (analongso) to the life which gives life. Thus, your humanism is noble, you know Sangkan Paran.

37. From the supreme substance, God the Almighty, a human-being has:

Sir : a wish (niat), a fantasy (angan-angan)

Budi : clear thinking, a step of inner-self (batin)

Cipta : the forefront of feeling (rasa)

Rasa : feeling

38. Sir, budi, cipta and rasa are under the power of our life, to be properly used to perfect our life, for the benefit of mankind in order to be cared by Lord. The physical body only obeys their order.

39. Sir :a wish or a fantasy has to act properly in accordance with its character.

Budi:the clear thinking, to achieve the proper wish which is good for the man himself and others. The influence of budi is very strong. The bad or the good wish should occurred, sooner or later. So, take a good care of budi’s action.

Budi gives sign to cipta, do your best to have only a noble cipta. Budi has influence to rasa/feeling. Have a rasa which does not disappoint anyone else.

40. You know that a human-being has five-senses (Pancadriya) as the door of your lust/desire/passion (nafsu), consisting of : sight, smell, hearing, feeling and taste.

If the action of the inner cipta (the forefront of feeling) thru the five senses is not proper, only following the outer feeling which is considered as noble, but in fact it is forwarding to bad luck or accident, it should be avoided. Otherwise, you should be in trouble, degraded, your human character becomes low, disappointed, and you should be in a state of Panalongso (suffer for a quite long time, before reaching the consciousness of total devotion to all-loving God)

(I have to tell you frankly, that Panalongso is a strong obstacle to reach the true knowledge. It is a difficult examination of life). The analogy is : Be a good rider who can control entirely the horse. Don’t let the power of outer appearance received by the five-senses defeat the wish of cipta for noble deed or accomplishment.

41. Whatever you do, 3 things are involved: cipta, rasa and karsa (wish). Before you do something check with clear cipta, then feel (rasa) whether it’s OK. If it’s OK, the karsa (wish) will start doing.

42. Pancadriya (the five senses) plays a great role in your conduct. The sight is always eager to see something nice, as it should be. It is okay if it is not against the rule of good conduct.

43. The hearing needs to listen to nice voices and gamelan music. Do not listen to anything which arise your lust. The smell or the nose needs fragrant smell. Avoid any action which put down others. The same thing, you should do with the feeling and the taste.

If you could control your cipta to be calm and clear, you should be able also to put the five senses under control. It is good for you.

44. There are 4 kinds of lust (nafsu):

  • Aluamah, the color is black. The place is in the stomach, the door is the lip. Your physical body wants to eat a lot. When you are going back to eternity, do not follow the black light, it will transform to a reptile, your physical body should be a gendruwo, a very bad spirit, a criminal-spirit who is always eager to disturb human-beings.
  • Amarah, the color is red. The place is in the gall, the door is in the ears. The physical body is eager to fulfilling the lust and easy to be angry. When you are going back to eternity, do not follow the red light. It will transform to an animal, your physical body shall be a Banaspati, a very bad spirit with burning fire on the head.
  • Supiyah, the color is yellow. The place is in the spleen. The physical body is eager to own something good and beautiful. When you are going back to eternity, do not follow the yellow light, it will transform to a flying animal, your physical body shall be a Kemamang-a very bad spirit, the burning head.
  • Mutmainah, the color is white.


The place is in the bones, the door is in the nose. The physical body is always eager to do a good thing, to do ascetism (tapa brata).
When you are going back to eternity, do not follow the white light, it will transform to a fish, your physical body shall be a wedhon, a spirit who likes to disturb people early in the morning before sunrise.

45. You should always remember to be able to control your lust of greediness which is burning like a flame, otherwise your physical body shall be thrown in the deep of humiliation.

46. There are 4 kinds of heart/ati, namely:

a. Ati Sanubari – The Mighty of feeling

The perfect speech.

b. Ati Maknawi – The holder of feeling

The perfect hearing.

c. Ati Siri – The perfect of feeling

The perfect smell.

d. Ati Puat – The disappearance of feeling

The perfect sight.

47. People with good behavior

Everyone should be happy if all people in the world are having good behavior. This is a question of how to “produce” a good baby.

The seed of life is from father, from cipta (the head of feeling) to Pramana (supreme substance) and then by the feeling of father during intercourse, the seed of life drops in mother’s womb. The cipta of the father is important as it should be the basic character of the newly born child.

The best, if a couple could make love when the father’s cipta/mind is peaceful and holy (in Javanese Lejar). The color of the seed of life in the flame of supreme substance is bright green. The child should have a good character and he/she should be always eager to worship God. The time of intercourse is also important, the best is sometime after midnight until before sunrise. It is advisable to purify your soul and pray before the love making.

The child should have a strong cipta and thinking. During the day is not good, the child should have a weaker thinking and cipta due to the influence of the heat of the sun. You are advised not to make love too frequently. You should know that sperm is important to your back brain, which gives power to know the secret knowledge of life.

Let’s see different situation of a father’s mind.

1. Ambitious mind. The color of the seed of life during love making is red.

The child would not have a good character.

2. Happy and satisfied mind. The color of the seed of life during love making is bright yellow. The child should like to enjoy himself and envy to other success.

3. Sad mind; The color of the seed of life during love making is black.

The child should have a low and bad character.

Triloka, 3 mystical levels of the body.

a. Guru Loka, the upper level world (jagad duwur). The place of brain, in the wayang is the domain of the supreme God Guru, who control and (at the same time the place) of the five senses. The name of the domain is Jonggring Salaka.

b. Endroloka, the middle level world (jagad tengah). The place of angan-angan (fantasy of mind), budi (clear thinking), cipta (the head of feeling) and rasa (the feeling of heart). It is in the chest. The name of the domain is Endrobawana.

c. Janaloka, the lower level world (jagad ngisor). In the center of love instruments, in the lower part of the body. The name of the domain is Nguntara segara.

Triloka is under the control of Sang Hyang Wisesa Tunggal.

The life (gesang or urip) of a human being.

After you know the division of your body, you should know also your life, originating from the power of nature or God’s will as follow:

. Eternal absolute substance, it draws

a. Gesang/life or atmo, it draws.

b. Nur/light – cahya => nur cahya – the light of heart – peaceful mind, it draws.

c. Sir, feeling, it draws.

d. Nyawa, soul or roh or suksma, it draws.

e. Nafsu, lust/desire, it draws.

f.  Akal means budi, the clear thinking, it draws.

g. Jagad, physical body.

You have to know the above 8 things. It is the existance of your body until becomes a complete humanbeing. Some say: curigo manjing warangka. Curigo-a keris; manjing = in warangka = scabbard

It means: curigo (keris) is the inside part, the soul. Warangka is the outer part, the body.

Keris inside the scabbard is the same like a soul inside the body.

Whom do you have to respect/adore (ngabekti)?

. God the Almighty who has created all creatures and anything in the universe. The Javanese call Him Gusti or Pangeran.

Gusti kang Murbeng Dumadi – Lord, the Creator of all creatures.

Gusti kang Maha Kuasa – God, the Almighty

Gusti kang Maha Asih – All-loving God

Pangeran kang Maha Agung – God, the greatest.

Pangeran kang Maha Wikan – God who knows everything.

Deep in your heart, you are obliged to worship Him. In the middle of night, when many people are asleep, you adore Him solemnly. Alone in a clean room/place, your body is clean, your mind is clear and peaceful, you sit on a mat/floor, cross-legged, close the nine holes of your body by concentration of mind, forget anything else, your attention is only to Him. Meditate solemnly, control your breathing by inhaling and exhaling calmly. You see the peak of your nose. Make a total surrender to Him. You should do it regularly at midnight for at least one hour.

Hopefully, there would be a mystical signal or message (sasmita gaib). That’s mean, it is starting, servant knows Lord and Lord knows servant. It is the feeling of your true life.

a. Mother and Father.

Thru them, you were born in this world. You have to respect them deeply even when they have already passed away. Remember them, pray for them. Take a well care of their graves, visit them from time to time, clean them. Also you have to respect your grandma and grandpa, thru them your parent were born and consequently also to your ancestors, even they have passed away.

b. Mother and father-in-law

You have married their daughter or son, be grateful with the marriage, you could perform your duty to have children, that’s mean to continue the existance of live.

c. If your parents have passed away, respect the elder families.

d. Teachers, who have educated you and also to your spiritual teachers, if you have any, who have shown you the way to true knowledge of life.

The concept of lahir (outer side) and batin (inner side)

There are two sides in human beings i.e. the outer side (lahir) and the inner side (batin). A man is seen from his outer being (body, speech, movements etc), but in fact he has his inner side (batin) i.e. the inner life.

It is a reality. Lahir and batin are influencing each other. So lahir and batin must fit each other (in Javanese term is keplok-hand clapping).

The lahir must have character of:

Rila : not envy to other people’ success, never grumble

Nrima : grateful, accepting the destiny consciously

Temen : loyal, never lie, also in batin

Sabar : patient

Budi luhur : noble character

The batin must:

Eling : knows good and bad, right and wrong

Percaya : believe sincerely to God

Mituhu : follow the wish of life as determined by God

The above must be implemented by a man seeking the path of true reality.

The seekers of true knowledge have to know the advice of elderly people saying that every man has: 1. To have a job 2. To be physically healthy 3. To have a holy budi (clear thinking).

 Everybody has to remember 2 things:

1. Change of situation

The change of situation or time (zaman)-owahing zaman (owah-change; zaman-time, situation). Never forget that anytime could be owahing zaman. It could be trouble for some people. Those who have good jobs, lose them.

This people become sad, moreover if they have families (wife and children). For those who are not mentally well-prepared, they could do something bad.

2. Bad fate

A bad fate or apes. As if there is no way to improve a bit his/her life. A jobless person who can not find a job, despite his tough effort to find it. At home there is no food, he has nothing to sell, no one wishes to borrow him money. No one trusts him. No one wishes to help him. No one opens door if he wants to visit someone.

This is worst of the worst. Luckily there is a teaching says:

The misfortune is a path to happiness. This is a very high level of teaching, very close to the path of nobility (kautaman). One should not always suffer, there is an end of it. You know that a kid won’t be kid forever, he would be an adult and becomes old and one day he would die.

This lesson would like to say:

Don’t feel exaggeratedly happy when you have a good position, don’t complain too much when you are suffering. You must always be grateful to Lord, i.e. Panarimo, accepting your way of life consciously.

Look and learn to some of our ancestor’s way of life, oppressed, suffering a lot, imprisoned, but they have carried on their life with tough determination, at the end, they became noble and successful persons

We wish people around the world live in ‘rukun’ (harmony). But why do many conflicts or fights happened in many places?

Because the level of budi (clear thinking) among people are different. That’s why they are quarreling for wealth, for dignity, for superiority. They do not know yet who win and who lose and how the winners should feel happy and the losers feel sad.

Some ask, is the condition better now or worse. Seeing the fact that many are in good condition but also many are suffering.

Some should be happy if their orders are followed, but why they don’t want to follow others.

Some are happy to accept a gift, why they don’t want to make a gift.

You love your beloved ones, you help to the ‘haves’, you give to rich people, you praise strong people, so you are praised by them.

Now, if you love your enemy, you help people who are in trouble, you support the weak, you give to poor people. Is it no meaning for you?

Tell the truth, in order to accomplish the best, what is your choice?

In short, the above advises would like to say:

A group of very poor people and a group of very rich people are very dangerous. The poor wish to walk inside the house/store to take their need, but the rich are guarding the door of the house/store. If both sides could not reach a wise agreement, it could be dangerous for one side or both sides.

Some people are learning magic, it is one of the ways to contact with creatures of mystical world or from other dimension of this world.

There are 2 kinds of magic: white magic is used for protection for the benefit of mankind, while black magic is directed to make other people to suffer a.o. make the recipient sick, out of his mind, dead etc.

Hopefully if people learn about magic, learn the white one, which is not harmful to others.

Some people practicing the calculation of good or bad days, date, months etc. (Petungan). It is an inherited knowledge of Javanese used for instance when someone is going to organize a wedding-ceremony, what would be the good time for the party as well as for the future life of the couple. Also to choose a good time to start building a house, move to another place etc.

There are people who like to practice hypnotism, magnitism, astrology, the mantras (mystical words) etc.

The most important for human-beings is the implementation of knowledge which is used to protect others, for the benefit of all people, directed to Karahayon. (from the word Rahayu => rah-life; ayu-beautiful, good; for the good life of human-beings).

You should be aware that life is rolling like the cakra weapon (cakra is the powerful weapon of Kresna) – Cakra Manggilingan, sometimes it is ‘up’ and another time ‘down’ in accordance with your darma (good deed) and karma. According to karma law, you would be rewarded as in accordance with what you have done. Might be the reward should not be received now, but sometimes later, directly or indirectly.

Every night, before you sleep, remember what have you done to day. Have you done a proper or bad thing? If you have done bad thing due to bad cipta, you have to confess it. Put your self in the position of Panalongso, (the consciousness of total devotion to all-loving God) Tomorrow, you have to do better things.

If you are able to sit in the position of eneng (in total calmness) and ening (crystal clear of thinking), you love your Pangeran (Master), you should start to have an open cipta (tinarbuko), beginning to see ‘the duplicate’ of your body vaguely. (Kejatenira).

By patient and devoutly regular practice, your cipta should be more and more ‘sharp’. Unnoticed by yourself, your clear sight (Waskita) grows, also alertness (waspada) and wisdom (wicaksana). You should begin to see mystical signs, if you dream, it will come true.


(Suryo S. Negoro)

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