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Anti-Hitler Jew Henry Makow Pushing 2012 Apocalypse, Freemasonic “Illuminati” Conspiracy and Religious Gibberish

Anti-Hitler Jew Henry Makow Pushing 2012 Apocalypse, Freemasonic “Illuminati” Conspiracy and Religious GibberishIn another breathtaking work of journalistic perfection by Jew board game genius Henry Makow, Ph.D. (we must never forget his Ph.D. or that he invented a board game), we learn that the “tribulation” of the Bible began on December 21, 2012.

After a Skype interview with the lunatic gibberish merchant Leo Zagami, Dr. Henry gives it to us straight: there is a secret group somehow associated with Freemasonry that wants to kill millions of people because they are satanic, and because of a galactic alignment that happened yesterday and has something to do with the Mayan calender, they are going to rule the world for seven years, because it says that in the Bible.  The pope is the antichrist, and the world is controlled by satanists who have magical powers.  We can also use magical powers to fight them somehow.  Also, demons are living among us, possibly posing as space aliens.  Zagami has returned to the Freemasonic lodges from which he had defected 7 years ago in order to gather support for his unclear agenda.


Anti-Hitler Jew Henry Makow Pushing 2012 Apocalypse, Freemasonic “Illuminati” Conspiracy and Religious Gibberish 2Leo Zagami: The Mayan/Judeo-Christian 2012 tribulation will involve wars in the Middle East, social unrest and financial collapse. In other words, you won’t actually be able to tell it is happening, because it is the same thing that is already happening.

Wow.  Intense stuff.  Seriously though.  What the hell is this?  Surely Dr. Henry would say “oh no, I don’t necessarily endorse all of this, I am just reporting it.”  But why does he report it uncritically? Why is he mentioning it at all?    He doesn’t even bother to note that this alleged “galactic alignment” happens every year at the winter solstice.

Henry Makow has written some decent articles, and at some points he seems to expose the Jew, but then he constantly goes back to this “Illuminati” secret mystery satan freemasonry conspiracy gibberish.  It isn’t because he’s stupid.  Clearly he has the ability to analyze things critically.  A lot of the time, he just chooses not to.

Among other idiocy he has promoted are the sick and insane claims that Hitler was somehow a secret “Illuminati” agent, as well as a homosexual prostitute.  He is also, not surprisingly, an adamant holocaust confirmer.  He has written one book trying to explain that “not all Jews are bad, just the satanic secret devil ones,” and one about his marriage to a poor Filipina girl thirty years younger than him, where he encourages the destructive practice of race-mixing; he continues to sell the book even after divorcing the girl, and going on to marry a impoverished Mexican girl 1/3 his age.

He sells this wicked propaganda on the aptly titled “cruelhoax.ca.”

Henry Makow is a Jew

Obviously, not every rat in the alleged “Truth Movement” is a Jew, some of them are sellouts from our own race working for them.  Alex Jones, for instance, is a race-traitor funded by Jews through advertisement, and he is married to a Jewess.

However, when you come across a biological Jew in the movement, you must certainly take heed.  These people have a deeply embedded genetic desire to destroy us.  I do not believe it is even possible to place a moral judgement on this.  It would be like a rabbit placing a moral judgement on a wolf.  Exploiting and destroying is just what Jews do.

People in the alleged “Truth Movement” seem to still feel ashamed to condemn the Jew, due to psychological programming, and thus look for Jews within the movement to tell them it is okay to condemn the Jew.  We need to stop doing this, entirely.  We have a right to condemn the Jew for what he has done to our society, what he did to the societies of our ancestors.  We do not need permission.

Anyone pushing this “super secret mysterious satanic conspiracy” is necessarily distorting reality.  Anyone who denies the greatness of our eternal hero, Adolf Hitler, is either a fraud or a brainwashed idiot.  Henry Makow is a liar, a hoaxer, a propagandist and he must needs be dismissed immediately.  I won’t claim he is secretly working for some secret agency, I am not interested in such trivialities.  I know who he is working for – he is working for his tribe.  This may not even be on purpose.  It is quite possible that his genetic programming makes it impossible for him to himself understand realities which condemn his tribe, and thus he must invent fantasies in his mind to excuse his kinsmen.  Ultimately, it doesn’t matter why he is distorting reality, it simply matters that he is doing it.

If Dr. Henry wants to discuss these things with me, I would be glad to do an audio recording with him.  But I won’t hold my breath.

Source: totalfascism.com

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